How to Master Indonesian Language in Just Few Weeks

To learn Indonesian Singapore language can be a bit challenging but nowadays, more and more people are getting into the scene and learning the foreign language faster than they usually did.

Learning any language depends on how well and how often you practice and put that language to common and everyday use so that you need to keep using it for most of the time. Having a teacher or a tutor to give you pointers on pronunciation and grammar is important.

language learnersAny tourist or foreigner in any country must learn to speak the foreign language if they intend to stay in the country for a longer period. It is because they need it for emergency situations and also for mingling with other people. Staying in Indonesia means you have to learn at least the basics of the Indonesian language, and this can be done within a few weeks of time.

Learning Bahasa Indonesia is the only outlet for any foreigner to keep the communication alive with the locals and to get help from them. You will have to deal with Bahasa Indonesia in everyday life when you stay over at Indonesia through indoslang. There can be occasional English speakers out there, but a lot of them will still speak Indonesian, so it is best for you to prepare yourself a couple of easy sentences or two in proper grammar and accent.

Choosing a good tutor for your mastering of Indonesian language can be a tough thing to decide. But first of all, the teacher must be licensed, professional and is also able to communicate well in English or whatever language you are natively speaking. Those who offer free lessons might not be as effective as paid ones.

Having a private tutor when it comes to learning the Indonesian language in Singapore is a good thing because it helps you be more focused on the lessons and keeps you on track. Remember that any language is primarily based on human interaction so you must test your skills on an actual native speaker who knows the language inside out.

Memorization of vocabulary and grammar rules might sound like a very daunting task for most of us who are just starting out with any language, but it will get better soon if we try to be more determined and set a goal for ourselves. Learning to use the language in any conversation or just any occasion that you might want to use it can be a handful when you are trying to practice, master and learn the language. Bahasa Indonesia is a good language to learn because compared to most languages in the whole world; it is one of the easiest due to the grammar structure and the pronunciations.

Getting to know people in Indonesian and greeting them can be a lot easier if you greet them and interact with them using the native language. It helps that you are learning and making an effort to communicate with them heartfelt even despite the small mistakes that you might have, people will think that you are true to your goal.

Getting a private and professional Indonesian tutor is something that will be beneficial to you. Don’t just slack off with small tutorial handouts – get a real native speaker and practice if you want to learn the language within weeks – if you need to learn it as fast as possible for any purpose whatsoever.

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Why You Should Take a Trial Class Before Getting Admission in a Chinese Course in Singapore

Whether you like it or not, it is without a doubt that China is domineering the business world when it comes to retail, sales, investment, export, production and other things. After all, Chinese is one of the few languages that gets spoken in so many languages that it’s head-to-head with English in some native speakers. If you plan to take a step in the business world, then Chinese is a useful language to learn.

Here are a few tips and guides if you want to learn Chinese to be successful.

  • Have a Purpose

Think about how and why you would want to learn Chinese first. For instance, does your future or present career require you to speak or understand Chinese? Is it because you wish to travel to China as a tourist and see great spots there? Are you looking forward to knowing local Chinese tycoons and business people in your locality or country to get more business ideas? Is it because of a partner, a family member, a close friend or any colleague? You must first identify the source of your motivation so that you can have more heart in enrolling in a class and learning Chinese.


  • Choose Your Dialect

Like most foreign languages, Chinese has different dialects for various regions of the country. For instance, Mandarin Chinese is the most popular and commonly-used dialect that is practically used everywhere and especially in Beijing. It’s like the step one to learning Chinese in general. Then, there’s also Cantonese, which is mostly spoken in Macau, South China or Hong Kong, if you intend to stay on or communicate with someone from such places. As you go along, you will also discover other dialects such as Mongolian and Tibetan.

  • Determine Your Learning Style

Different people have different learning style preferences, especially when it comes to learning something new like a foreign language. Some people who are quite busy with their daily lifestyle might prefer audio lessons, video tutorials or interactive software. Some might enroll in serious formal classes, especially those with a lot of time on their hands. You can try universities that offer courses in the Chinese language.

  • Focus on Speaking and Listening

Chinese relies heavily on pronunciation, compared with most languages, which makes people think it’s a tough language to speak, let alone write due to its Chinese characters with too many details to scribble. But with enough practice, you might soon notice a pattern on certain character parts that give the character, word or phrase a distinct pronunciation. For best results, especially for beginners, focus more on oral communication rather than written form. Most Chinese native speakers judge first on how you pronounce the words rather than how you write the Chinese characters, just as how English native speakers don’t care about the word’s spelling, just as long as they got the message across through speaking.

  • Get Started Now

If you are serious about learning Chinese at a proficient level, it might take approximately 30 hours of studying a week. Sounds pretty daunting? Not really, if you consider your goal and become dangerous with it. As we all know, learning a language is more useful if you start sooner rather than when you get older, because younger people tend to have better learning skills because they still have a fresh mind to study with.

Seem interested in the above article? Why not start sooner and take a Chinese Trial Class to experience the wonders of learning a foreign language by visiting this link Alternatively, you can also watch a Video on Singapore Chinese Learning on our site.

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How a Singapore Based Business can get Benefit from a Singapore SEO Expert?

When you are conducting business online, the importance of having SEO on your side cannot be underestimated. An SEO strategy which is carefully planned will guarantee a secured position in the search results of Google. If your SEO strategy is not really up to par, it would be a given that you will probably end up getting buried every time people hit the search button. That is a very disappointing place to be. It will definitely be not good for your business as well as for your customers. You would want that your content marketing strategy will be able to draw customers in through interesting and superior content media. This is what Google and other search engines would want. Keep in mind that great websites do not only look great but are at the same time educational and informative. If you have a business based on Singapore and are looking for someone to assist you getting the right SEO for your website, you can ask Salsason on Yelp, visit Salsason SEO Facebook Page or search for Singapore SEO Expert Brownbook profile.

Creative Pages Are Not Enough

businessEven if you hire the best graphic designer to do your website, you will truly come up with an attractive site but the question is if you will rank high in the search pages. Whether the average web designer knows how to build and create a stunning website, you will still need the help of an SEO strategist in order to get your website rank high. This way, you will be able to reach your target market, position your business effectively and then efficiently promote your service or product in a certain way which will generate calls, leads and revenues.

As the website owner, you would want to increase the traffic inside your website, open a dialogue with customers and generate more leads. These are just some of the benefits of the SEO and how you will achieve the results.

Below are some of the concrete benefits of getting an SEO service for your company.

  • Increased branding efforts.
  • You can dominate your competitors in the market.
  • National online exposure.
  • You can position your company as an authority.
  • You can catch bigger clients.
  • You can certainly diversify your lead sources as well as receive new interesting leads.
  • You can also achieve a cumulative building every year of new traffic, visitors, inquiries and leads.
  • There is great return on investment with the help of an SEO service and will usually outperform other activities that you can do.
  • You can attract potential investors and hot buyers on the internet.
  • You can be placed on top of the Google search results for related keyword searches.
  • If you are a higher ranked website, the public will trust you more.
  • You can build solid rankings instead of wait until it will become costly and difficult.
  • You can certainly take advantage of the growth of the people engaged with the web every year which shows no signs of slowing down.

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Where to find the “better” wines in Singapore?

A connoisseur always enjoys buying wines

You can buy some of the best wines for any forthcoming event by visiting the stores to see the brands on offer, or by visiting the AsherBWS alcohol delivery FB page. One can even buy by subscribing to AsherBWS profiles on Wine-searcher, or even by browsing the site AsherBWS on Business, or by visiting some auction selling foreign brands.

The above form a small portion of the people in Singapore who buy wines. Most people buy the established brands or the brands that get recommended by friends or the sales people at the wine shops.

Some people spend a lot of time browsing the internet or some other media to know more about attractive deals offered by some retailer. Was the wine of rare quality? What are the opinions of other people about the wine? Should I allow it to age for some more years or should I have it this year?

Being confident when buying wines is what matters. You should have the confidence that what you have bought is good and that you have not paid too much for the bottle compared to other brands available locally.

better wine

To be confident while buying you need to be:

  • knowledgeable about the various brands on offer
  • aware of your taste in wines
  • knowledgeable about the sellers

A successful purchase happens only when you are well informed about the product unless it is some spare money that you can afford to spend on some bad purchase. It is especially true for Singapore where there are an endless number of choices that you can make on wines.

Developing your taste in wines

Learning to know about wines has already been discussed above. But when you do research to learn about the wines, you are only using some facts and the opinions given by some third party. Something that you cherish may be loathsome to others. The important thing is to know what suits your taste and something more about the retailer selling the brand. You can do this best is by directly tasting the wine that is on offer.

The labels on the bottles provide some basic facts while the reviews provide the opinion of others. But by trying it yourself you can know very well whether it is worth the money you spend on it or not.

Drinking the wine is like teaching your sense of taste the type of wine that you can enjoy, giving your senses a thrill, and adding to your opinion the kinds of grapes you would prefer or the production process that produces more satisfaction. Make a list of the wines you like and those which you do not. Then clarify your doubts about them yourself.

Stick to the motto that you should drink wine with others

Form a group of 5 to 6 up to a maximum of 10 people when drinking any wine as you can taste more wines together than alone. Listen to what people say when they drink the wine. You will be able to hear whether they feel the same about the wine. You can get more information about wines in an hour while drinking in a group than spending a whole day browsing the internet.

You can easily draw a conclusion on which wine suits you and which do not by delving deeper into the beautiful world of various wines. As you go along you can make friends who may or may not be directly involved with the sale that will help you in making a successful purchase.

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How will the European Union Cope with the Migrant Crisis?

The vast numbers of migrants that have made their way from war-torn Syria to European countries are igniting a crisis. More than 750,000 migrants were estimated to have arrived in Europe with Germany as the most popular destination. Germany has received the most number of new asylum applications with more than 331,000 by the end of October. Hungary is at second place with 143,070 applications at the end of August.

Tensions in the European Union are very apparent as countries try to cope up with the influx of migrants. Although figures show that Germany has received the most number of new asylum applications in 2015, the number of migrants in Hungary makes it the highest in proportion to its population. A disproportionate burden is now being faced by EU countries that include Greece, Italy and Hungary because migrants are arriving by boat and over land.

EUGermany follows a quota system that will redistribute the asylum seekers around its federal states according to tax income and present population density. The United Kingdom has opted out of the quota system but it has resettled 216 Syrian refugees through its Vulnerable Persons Relocation scheme ever since it began in January 2014. On the other hand, Prime Minister David Cameron has said that UK will be accepting about 20,000 refugees coming from Syria in the next five years.

Applying for an asylum can be a lengthy and frustrating process. The UK has received more 25,000 asylum applications in the last 12 months up to June 2015 but most of the applications were rejected. In 2014, more than 60% of the asylum applications were refused and the migrants have to voluntarily leave the UK.

Thousands of migrants are arriving every day to seek asylum in Germany and they are distributed across the country to mitigate the burden on the civic resources. One city is trying to cope up with the influx migrants and it is doing pretty well. Oberhausen used to be an industrial producer of coal, steel and zinc. It has recently been turned into large shopping mall.

Asylum seekers were largely welcomed in Oberhausen but the camps are full. Hundreds of new migrants are expected before the year ends and residents are worried that for each new arrival, their resources are further stretched. Germany has never seen an influx of migrants such this and new arrivals are growing in number. At Oberhausen, there is a welcoming culture even with an unemployment rate of 12.9%, double the German average.

Most of the refugee seekers travel through flimsy rubber dinghies or small wooden boats which make their voyage extremely hazardous. Many migrants are reported to have died while making the crossing. Approximately 3,406 people have died trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2015. This year, the deadliest month for the migrants was April when a boat carrying 800 migrants capsized in the sea off Libya. Overcrowding is apparently the reason for the disaster but migrants continue to gamble with their lives in order to have a brighter future that is free from conflict and violence.

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Wellness Programs to Increase Productivity and Efficiency in the Workplace

A good number of employers are now establishing wellness programs for their employees to improve their levels of productivity. If the workforce is healthy, absenteeism is reduced and the company benefits not only from increased productivity but reduction in long term health care costs. Even if a company has few resources to implement a wellness program, there are several ways to encourage employees to prioritize their health.

productivityHow to implement a wellness program for employees

A wellness program means encouraging employees to increase physical activities, to eat the right foods and to make lifestyle changes to gain positive benefits. Lifestyle changes can include cessation from smoking and reduction in alcohol intake to promote health and lower the risks of serious illnesses. Wellness programs that encourage preventive health and lifestyle modifications can require the company to make investments but it can be easily be offset by the reduction in healthcare costs. In a 2008 survey made by Buck Consultants on 628 employer groups, it was cited that most US companies initiated a wellness program to reduce healthcare costs, to improve workplace productivity, to reduce health-related absences, to boost employee morale and to retain employees. Employers have taken notice of the fact that when an employee is healthy, he becomes more efficient and productive.

If there are no resources for a wellness program, there are ways to bring employees closer to health and wellness.

  • Preventive care means bringing vaccination to the workplace particularly during the flu season. Funding vaccinations does not require a big investment and flu-related absences are avoided. Health insurance usually covers vaccinations; if not, employees can be reimbursed for vaccination fees.
  • Encourage exercise by initiating physical activity in the workplace. Employees can be encouraged to do their workouts by providing them with the right equipment. Employees can also be provided incentives to attend the local gym and exercise clubs. Whenever possible, encourage employees to use the stairs instead of the elevator particularly if the destination is only on the second or third floor.
  • Seminars are perfect opportunities to encourage employees to be more health conscious. Seminars can instill the importance of lifestyle changes to promote physical and emotional health. The company can recruit speakers who are knowledgeable in providing information in an entertaining way.
  • During peak seasons, production can be very busy and employees simply grab what’s available to satisfy their hunger. Make sure that healthy food options are available for employees so that their nutritional needs can be met. Sodas can be replaced with natural fruits juices. Make sure that the company cafeteria serves nutritious and appetizing food.
  • When employees are stressed or depressed, their productivity suffers. Family and financial problems are the common reasons why an employee becomes inefficient. Consider offering financial assistance programs to help employees who are facing money problems. Stress management programs can be initiated for stress reduction.

However, what is successful for one company may not be so for another. Focus on one idea to determine whether it is right for your company. If after a few trials, it doesn’t work, try another idea until you find the ideal solution.

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Why the Poor are the Most Vulnerable to the Effects of Climate Change

Last November 09, 2015, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in its press release warned that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached another record high in 2014. If appropriate steps are not undertaken, the entire planet will be inhospitable and dangerous for the future generations with poverty stretched further in 2030.

On a similar vein, the World Bank has also issued a warning that without any inclusive and climate-smart development to control greenhouse emissions that are supposed to protect the poor, agricultural shocks, natural disasters and the spread of diseases can result into 100 million people mired into poverty by 2030. Time is running out and people have to act now to control the increase in temperature at manageable levels.

poorAccording to WMO, every year, there is a reported increase in greenhouse emission records. In its Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, WMO stated that between 1990 and 2014, there was a 36% increase in radiative forcing meaning the warming effect on the climate due to long-lived greenhouse gases that include carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide coming from industrial, agricultural and domestic activities.

According to the World Bank report Shock Waves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty, the poor are facing high risks from climate-related shocks from reduced rainfall resulting into crop failures. After extreme weather events, food prices go up and there are usually higher incidences of diseases after the occurrence of heat waves or floods. Hard-won gains can be completely wiped out driving people back to poverty.

The poor are the most vulnerable to climate change and they are hit the hardest. The challenge today is to protect the poor by fighting climate change-related shocks like floods, droughts and heat waves. In the 52 countries where data was gathered, at least 85% of the population lives in countries that are more exposed to high temperatures and where food production is expected to be reduced as a result of climate change.

Fighting climate change is more effective if everybody works together. Climate-specific measures will help cope up with changing climates like upgraded flood defenses, early warning systems and climate-resistant crops. If climate change is not addressed immediately, its impact on food prices in Africa could be as high as 12% in 2030. This would be a severe blow on poor nations particularly those that are reliant on agriculture.

In order to combat climate, an all-out push is required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions so that the long-term threat will be removed. Mitigation efforts should not be a burden to the poor. For example, if the savings in eliminating fossil fuel subsidies is reinvested in assistance schemes for the poor, poor families may be able to cope up with the rising fuel costs.

There is a window of opportunity if the international community will support the poor. A very good example is the conditional cash transfer system that quickly distributed emergency funds to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. This was a successful policy solution that protected the affected population from the shock of the disaster.

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Why is Learning English so popular among foreigners in Singapore?

The popularity of the education system in Singapore is due to its success in developing the right attitude for learning in children and the quality of education provided. The instruction methodology followed in this system is different from other systems. The method of teaching provided in the classrooms at all levels is uniform and follows a particular scripted form. Every subject is taught by adhering to logic, consistency, practicality and appropriateness. The method of teaching has its basis in the particular strict form that got followed by the ages in both Eastern and Western cultures. The system puts more stress on conveying practical and factual information, completion of the syllabus in time, getting the students ready for the exams at the end of the semester and the exams held at the national level.

learningAny foreigner coming to live in Singapore to start a business or as an employee of affirming can easily get their children enrolled in the English teaching schools located in the city. The information on the English schools on Eguide can help them to find the school of their choice without any problem. The foreigners prefer to put their children in the International schools because the students in these schools hail from all corners of the world. Every student who is not a native English speaker faces the same problem as the others and goes through the same struggle to learn the language. Hence, the learning process becomes uniform in speed and pace.

English comes second to Mandarin when the maximum number of people in the world speaking the language gets considered. But the problem with Mandarin is that it is expressed only within the community and in very few countries like China and others. The English language has a wider spread and more extensive commercial use. It is very natural for non-English speaking people to try and learn a language that can help them to communicate with people from all parts of the globe. In other words, the English Express profile can help you to become expatriates in many parts of the world as well as make immigration to most countries easier.

Learning the English language is a challenge for any person who takes it up as a second language. The inconsistencies in grammar and pronunciation can dishearten anybody. Every student goes through a separate journey of his own while learning the language. There are various types of courses available at the schools in Singapore, which make English learning very easy for foreigners. The courses are designed so that the student can start using the language in their daily lives as early as possible. Separate classes are there for specifically those who want to use the language at work, and for those who want to know the basics or want to focus on some particular area.

Students who find it difficult to cope with daily classes and to keep up with the rest of the students also have a chance of attending private English courses. These courses provide one-on-one guidance and training so that they can learn the language at their pace. There are also special courses where a group of employees from a company can attend classes and learn the language in whichever way they want. With so many options available to the people in Singapore for learning English as per their requirements, it is very clear why the courses have become so popular there.

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